Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Beachy

We have just returned from a really great beach trip with (almost all!) the fam.  We really missed Lyndy, but she wanted to go to camp, and she had fun.  It was WILD having 4 toddlers! The triplets were not huge fans of the sand at first, but they all did great.  By the end of the week Anna and Brooks were beach pros....Irene preferred lounging in her baby pool.  All the babies love Kat, who was such a good older cousin to play and entertain.

Will was quite a sport, letting Kat and Fran (and Nathan) bury him up to his face!
Big girl swimming in the ocean!

Beautiful view of the lagoon where we had fun watching the boats.
Sage and I went down early every morning (coffee in hand), before the babies were awake, to set up "camp" for the day.  It was pretty much our own version of an Irontribe workout.  We had quite a system, and I think so of the other vacationers enjoyed watching us every morning. The ticket to happy babies on the beach = snacks, and lots of them.

Frances absolutely LOVES the beach, and you may remember from previous trips that she eats sand constantly.  That hasn't changed.  The main consequence from eating sand is then pooping it out for a week afterwards, which isn't too enjoyable for anyone.  I don't even try to stop her anymore. She had so much fun crawling around, playing in the sand, playing with her cousins, swimming, and watching the people!

So glad Uncle Richard came!
The girls are on the go!
We never even attempted a "nice" picture of all of them together.
Fun dinner at The Gulf
Yep, that would be the BIG shark we saw on the last day!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meat Fest 2013

Here are just a few photos of our Fourth of July celebration....our family calls it Meat Fest.  We went all out this year and even had t-shirts made.  We didn't let the rain spoil our fun (or all the beautiful decorations from Party City).  It was so fun to have the entire family here this year, and now we are all getting ready to head to the beach!
Anna, Frances, Brook, Irene 

Meme with all the girls!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Walking Walking

Frances is working hard on walking this summer, and we are seeing her taking a few steps by herself every once in a while.  The mall is a fantastic place to go walking, especially on Sundays before the stores open.  Wide open space, smooth floors, and not a lot to crash into- it's perfect! This morning we went mall walking, did a little window shopping, and played in the book store.