Friday, October 4, 2013

Hives, Hives Go Away

Since mid-August, Frances has been randomly breaking out in pretty gnarly hives.  The first time seemed related to being on antibiotics, but then it started happening at other times and we could never figure it out.  The pediatrician thought we should see the allergist.  Why not? We haven't hit every single specialist in Birmingham yet.
Poor kid looks terrible when it happens, thank goodness it doesn't make her as miserable as it looks!

Anyway, we went today, and the Dr seems to think its an immune response to Frances' chronic ear and sinus infections.  If you know Frances, you know she pretty much has snot all.the.time.  It's really been nonstop since the summer, and it just so happens that on Monday she is having her tonsils/adenoids taken out and a new set of tubes put in.  So the allergist thinks once Frances is healed and not having all the infections, we shouldn't have a problem with hives anymore.  Hooray- I liked her answer! There's a chance it could be related to thyroid, which Frances has always had borderline thyroid dysfunction so that will be checked too, but I'm really glad we aren't looking at some sort of big time allergy!

Frances did great for the 90 minute appointment, until about the last 15 minutes.  It was all fun and games up til then with snacks, The Wiggles, and coloring books...until she started eating crayons then bit me.  Oh well, such is life with a 2 year old.
Eating "faffles" on the way to school.
So please say a prayer for Frances on Monday- we should only have to stay 1 night in the hospital, then home to rest and recover for 2 weeks.  Happy weekend, friends!