Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow, Sunshine, and School

How about some crazy Alabama weather lately?!  Snowed in for days then sunny and 60 degrees a few days later.  Frances LOVED the snow!  We made out pretty well, considering all the mayhem.  Will rescued Frances from school then they got me from Children's, and we were able to make it the 4 miles home in only about 2 hours.  Thank goodness we all are at work/school within a mile of each other and not too far from home! We had a great time at the zoo with friends when the weather got warmer.
Thank you Daddy for getting us home in the snow!
Poptarts and cookies for lunch then a nap as we sat in traffic.  Not too bad!
All you need is a storage bin, rope, and duct tape.

Bella liked the snow too!

Frances loves the monkeys.

Mommy does not do well on the carousel.
The elephants seemed happy to have sunshine!

In other news, Frances has turned 3 (don't worry, there will be a birthday blog soon), and we had a meeting with the school system last week about preschool.  Frances has always amazed us, and continues to do so, as they told us at our meeting that she doesn't meet the eligibility requirements to receive special education services through the public school system at this time.  Crazy, right?!?!  Down syndrome automatically qualified her to receive Early Intervention services from birth-3 through the state, but at age 3 there has to be a certain percentage delay on standardized testing to qualify.  Well right now, Miss Priss isn't eligible due to her test scores- which is awesome and we are so proud of her abilities!  We will continue to have her tested every 6-9 months to see if she qualifies as time progresses.  Thank goodness for The Bell Center and her incredible preschool that she attends during the week, we feel like she is getting everything she needs for now!

One last note....we are in the final countdown for Mercedes Marathon and still need donations to meet our fundraising goal.  Please visit the link below and consider making a donation in honor of Frances as she celebrates her last year at The Bell Center!  No donation is too small, every single dollar counts!  Thank you for your continued love and support.