Sunday, January 29, 2012

A trip to the zoo and more....

Working hard at The Bell Center!
It has been another fun-filled week with Frances.  Daddy got to come to therapy at The Bell Center with her on Thursday.  Frances does circle time at therapy now, and she LOVES it.  We also got to go to a fun birthday party for one of her friends who turned 1.....Frances was taking notes!  We finished off the week with a trip to the zoo after church today.  Frances got really excited about the big animals when we got close to them- especially the long-haired hogs.  She carried on quite an entertaining conversation with them.  I have mentioned lately that we are hoping Frances will be sitting up by her birthday- and she is on a roll.  She can do it for about a minute at a time!

Reading before bedtime with Daddy.

Frances loves reading books.
Look at me sitting up!
Uh oh:)

Fun at the zoo!

Frances' favorite animals at the zoo.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Being Frances

Not too much to report on around here....Frances was sick last weekend and part of the week, so we have been laying low.  Frances seems to do something new everyday and she continues to constantly make us laugh.  We are working really hard towards sitting up by her birthday, and she is getting close!  Here is a little peek into what she has been up to:

Playing a fun new game:

Drinking from a straw:

Eating scrambled eggs and pancakes!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas & New Years in Oxford

We had an awesome weekend in Oxford celebrating New Years and Christmas with the entire family.  It was really special to have everyone together for the first time since the triplets were born! 

Warning: Lots of cuteness in these pictures!

Lyndy and Kat opening more presents.
Frances was really excited to get her kitchen!
This is fun stuff!
Exploring her new puzzle.
Grump opening all his treasures from the grandchildren.
Kat teaching Frances how to stack the blocks.
New Years festivities sure do change with all these babies around....early to bed for everyone!
Morning playtime with the triplets!
Good morning, Anna:)
Anna, Irene, & Brooks working on tummy time.
Tummy time turned into sleeping time.
The girls love talking to each other.
All the cousins together for the first time!