Saturday, December 14, 2013

While Daddy Was Away...

....I lost my mind and went craft crazy.  I'm talking paint, glue, stickers, candy, icing, and (gasp) even glitter.  I inherited an incredible need for cleanliness and order, and messy crafts literally make me twitch.  Don't get me wrong, I love for Frances to get messy and have fun, just not in my house.

Pure concentration
So on Friday night, Frances and I sent Daddy off to Huntsville to run the Rocket City Marathon....which actually was a makeup marathon after St. Jude was cancelled last weekend due to weather.  The folks who put on Rocket City were kind enough to open up some slots after the Memphis cancellation. So after he got on the road, Frances and I got busy.  The house is a wreck and there's icing on the ceiling, but we have had so much fun.  Frances is a good reminder to slow down and just let things go!

Beautiful artwork.  Mommy painted one too :)
A late night trip to Publix to buy candy.
"F" is for Frances- yummy pancakes!
We love pancakes!
Getting started....
A lot more eating than putting candy on the house!

Hard at work!
My side of the house....all nice and orderly.