Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Friends

Frances is worn out from a fun and busy weekend of celebrations with friends.  On Saturday, Frances' very best friend, Eleanor, turned one!  Eleanor did not hesitate to dig right into her cake.  At the party, Frances got lots of love from Mamaw (Eleanor's great-grandmother).  I'm pretty sure Frances would have gone right on home with Mamaw.
Best friends
Happy Birthday to Eleanor!....Hey, when do I get to do that?!?!
Love from Mamaw....and yes, Frances was somewhat dressed like an Ole Miss Rebel.
Snuggling with Magen and those two babies in her belly
Sunday we celebrated with our friends, Magen and Michael, who have boy/girl twins coming in December.  Frances and Eleanor got to play some more at the baby shower too. 
Proud grandmothers and their girls
Michael is not quite sure what to do with this? 
We can't wait for the babies to be here!
Also this week, Frances completed her first full week of school and did great (and so did her mama)!
Excited to go to school! 
In other fun and exciting news.....Sage is really living it up at her new residence in the hospital in Memphis.  Aside from miserably failing her glucose test and not being able to eat what she wants, it sounds like things are going ok.  The babies are continuing to grow, and the doctors just want to be able to keep a close eye on everyone.  She is 29 weeks today, and hopefully those baby girls will stay put for several more weeks.  Keep them in your prayers!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to School and Birthdays

This has been a big week of great news for Frances, and I'm so excited she got to go back to school (The Bell Center) today!  Amy, who is an early childhood special education teacher and also just happens to be Frances' godmother, was her therapist today....funny how Amy worked that out in the schedule:) 
Amy and Frances
Telling bunny all about her hard day at school.
Frances had visits with the cardiologist, pediatrician, and had blood work done all on Tuesday and she was such a trooper!  Dr. Carlo (cardiologist) was SO impressed with her progress.  So much so that we don't even go back to see him for 4-6 months, and yesterday morning Frances took her last dose of medicine.  Her weight was 12 lbs 10 oz, so she has officially doubled her birth weight!

Time for my morning workout
This week we have celebrated 2 more birthdays.  Kat turned 9 on Monday, and I won't tell you how old Carolyn turned yesterday.  Kat had a rockin' Taylor Swift karaoke party, complete with a visit from Taylor Swift (aka a high school girl).  We completed the week with birthday dinners at Meme and Grumps house tonight.
Happy Birthday Kat!
Kat is a 3rd grade cheerleader this year, and we have been going to watch her cheer.  I'm pretty sure Frances is going to follow in Kat's steps.  She gets excited when we watch!
Saturday morning football!

Roll Tide!
So tomorrow, Frances goes to school/daycare for the first time.  She is just going for 2 hours tomorrow (more for me than her), and then on Tuesday she will be there full time while I am at work.  We found the perfect place for her that is right down the street from The Bell Center, and I know she is going to love making new friends.
All dressed up for church

Friday, September 9, 2011

7 Months Old!

Frances had her 7 month birthday yesterday- how is that possible????  Frances is really growing (check out those thighs!!) she continues to amaze us each day.  We have a day full of doctor appointments coming up next week and I can't wait to see how much she weighs now.  For now, we are looking forward to a lazy weekend of watching football.  Stay tuned for some cute pictures of Frances in her new Crimson Tide gear:)

Our excitement for the week (aside from having no power for a few days) is this new bathtub.  Frances has officially outgrown her kitchen sink tub and we tried out the big girl tub tonight.  She LOVED it and was really getting into kicking and splashing.  

Here is a fun little video of Frances at 7 months:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Look at Me!

 Frances has just discovered herself in the mirror recently and she is so cute laughing and smiling!