Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I warned you.....

...There would be lots of cute pictures from our trip to Oxford!  The triplets' were baptized on Sunday and we had such a wonderful weekend with the family.  Will and I (along with Sage's friend Christina) are so proud to be Godparents to Anna.  Frances had so much fun playing with all her cousins, and we are really looking forward to the family beach trip that is coming up in a few weeks. Anna, Irene, and Brooks were all so nicely behaved during the church service and not one of them started up hollering during the actual baptism....they must have heard how dramatic Frances was at her baptism last summer!  Here are some of the pictures from the weekend:
Cute matching outfits that Sage got!
Irene and Anna
All the cousins- Frances, Lyndy, Brooks, Irene, Kat, Anna
Me and Anna
The Nichols clan
Brooks- always inquisitive, and not so sure about the puff I stuck in her mouth.
Irene- always puts on a show for the camera....and loved the puffs!

Feeding time at the zoo- notice Maggie waiting in the background for any food that might go flying!
Fran being so silly and playing with Anna.

Anna and Frances
Brooks showing Frances how to stand (Brooks has the cutest booty!)

Sweet Anna
Daddy was there too!
Morning stroll to get coffee
It's only a few days into our summer break and Frances and I are already having a blast.  Yesterday we went swimming with Lyndy and Kat, and Frances is finally big enough for a pool float this year!  She is at school today, so I have started on my weekly Wednesday summer projects (and yes, it is mapped out in chart form for the entire summer).  Today's fun included cleaning out the guest room closets, retrieving toys from under the furniture (found some toys we really have been missing!) with the shop vac, and scrubbing between the tiles in my bathroom.  You'll notice a trend that the shop vac is typically involved in at least one weekly project.  I LOVE that thing!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frances at School

Today was Frances' last day of the regular school schedule at The Bell Center.  She has had such an awesome team of therapists this year that have helped her reach many of her goals.  I'm so blessed to work with these ladies!  We will take a few weeks off from therapy, then she and I will go 2 days per week during the summer time.  One day will be actual therapy and the other day will be Kindermusik.  I am able to take the entire summer off from work, and I am SOOOOO excited to get to spend all summer with my girl!  We already have a lot of fun activities planned- which will include many days of swimming in Meme and Grump's pool.  The adventures start tomorrow when we head over to Mississippi for the triplets' Baptism.  It's gonna be a wild weekend and I'm sure I will have just a few pictures to share next week:)

Love singing Twinkle Twinkle....and she likes the broken star!
I'll leave you with some video footage from Frances' therapy session today.  Her favorite part is singing songs at circle time, and you will also see some of the other goals she has been working hard on recently.  Thank you Amy (special education teacher), Jane (speech-language pathologist), Mary Laura (occupational therapist), and Kate (physical therapist), for everything you have done for Frances (and her mom and dad too!). 

In other news, Frances finally got her new set of tubes this week and she did great!  Praise God everything went so smoothly and she recovered very quickly.
Sweet snuggly girl after getting her new tubes.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Lyndy!

Today is Lyndy's 12th birthday and it is so hard to believe that she is going to the junior high next year!  We had a fun weekend celebrating her birthday and Mother's Day- she was actually born on Mother's Day.  On Saturday, Frances was invited to Lyndy's party at Pinkberry.  The invitation specified that Frances was to wear a pink dress (luckily not a problem for us!). 

Lyndy always puts pink on when Frances comes around...she and Frances definitely have a special relationship that will last a lifetime.  Lyndy always tells Frances she will drive her around, take her to Build-A-Bear and American Girl Store, and pick her up from school in a few years.  Saturday night we had a fun and delicious dinner at Carolyn's house- Carolyn is an awesome cook and made some really good fish tacos. 
Lyndy telling Frances "look at the camera!"
I'm coming to get you, Kat!
Happy Birthday, Lyndy!
What's a family gathering without a Grump special haircut?
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day- I sure did!  There is nothing better in the world than being a mommy and I'm so glad God chose me to be the mommy to this little gal!
Good night, sweet girl.
Somehow she has started figuring out how to sit herself up?!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just Having Fun

Nothing too exciting to report this week, but we sure have been having fun.....