Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frances at School

Today was Frances' last day of the regular school schedule at The Bell Center.  She has had such an awesome team of therapists this year that have helped her reach many of her goals.  I'm so blessed to work with these ladies!  We will take a few weeks off from therapy, then she and I will go 2 days per week during the summer time.  One day will be actual therapy and the other day will be Kindermusik.  I am able to take the entire summer off from work, and I am SOOOOO excited to get to spend all summer with my girl!  We already have a lot of fun activities planned- which will include many days of swimming in Meme and Grump's pool.  The adventures start tomorrow when we head over to Mississippi for the triplets' Baptism.  It's gonna be a wild weekend and I'm sure I will have just a few pictures to share next week:)

Love singing Twinkle Twinkle....and she likes the broken star!
I'll leave you with some video footage from Frances' therapy session today.  Her favorite part is singing songs at circle time, and you will also see some of the other goals she has been working hard on recently.  Thank you Amy (special education teacher), Jane (speech-language pathologist), Mary Laura (occupational therapist), and Kate (physical therapist), for everything you have done for Frances (and her mom and dad too!). 

In other news, Frances finally got her new set of tubes this week and she did great!  Praise God everything went so smoothly and she recovered very quickly.
Sweet snuggly girl after getting her new tubes.

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