Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Friends

Frances is worn out from a fun and busy weekend of celebrations with friends.  On Saturday, Frances' very best friend, Eleanor, turned one!  Eleanor did not hesitate to dig right into her cake.  At the party, Frances got lots of love from Mamaw (Eleanor's great-grandmother).  I'm pretty sure Frances would have gone right on home with Mamaw.
Best friends
Happy Birthday to Eleanor!....Hey, when do I get to do that?!?!
Love from Mamaw....and yes, Frances was somewhat dressed like an Ole Miss Rebel.
Snuggling with Magen and those two babies in her belly
Sunday we celebrated with our friends, Magen and Michael, who have boy/girl twins coming in December.  Frances and Eleanor got to play some more at the baby shower too. 
Proud grandmothers and their girls
Michael is not quite sure what to do with this? 
We can't wait for the babies to be here!
Also this week, Frances completed her first full week of school and did great (and so did her mama)!
Excited to go to school! 
In other fun and exciting news.....Sage is really living it up at her new residence in the hospital in Memphis.  Aside from miserably failing her glucose test and not being able to eat what she wants, it sounds like things are going ok.  The babies are continuing to grow, and the doctors just want to be able to keep a close eye on everyone.  She is 29 weeks today, and hopefully those baby girls will stay put for several more weeks.  Keep them in your prayers!

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  1. Hey Anna Ruth, this is Margaret Naftel (Thompson). I know, so random! I have read a little bit about your adoption of Frances from your blog and see that your sister is at Baptist hospital in Memphis on bed rest. I live in Memphis and had a close friend on bed rest with quadruplets at Baptist one year ago.. probably in the same room! All that to say, if yall need anyone in Memphis to help out or to be some type of connection, let me know! Baptist hospital is close by and we are around. My email is if you need anything!