Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wiped Out...

....From another exciting weekend!  This little girl has a very busy social calendar - and she really does seem to enjoy being out and about.  Frances was honored at a "Sip-n-See" and just wore herself out being the center of attention.  Check out the beautiful roses for Frances Rose:

Frances went to her first Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  She just spectated this year, but she will in on the action before we know it.

Taking a little nap at the egg hunt. 

We also went to the Funky Fish Fry on Saturday with Carolyn, Nathan, Kat and Lyndy.  It was a fun afternoon but so hot!
Tired after a fun day at the Fish Fry! 

Lyndy with her fancy face paint 

Kat and her enormous popsicle! 

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  1. the most amazing story of love!!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story
    God bless you and your new family ;)
    you made my day!!!