Monday, May 16, 2011

Lyndy's Birthday Weekend

We celebrated Lyndy's 11th birthday over the weekend.  She had a fancy Tea Party(complete with Milo's tea) with a few of her friends on Saturday....Will was not invited, but Meme, Frances, and I got to go as long as Frances wore a pink dress (we settled with a pink bubble). 

On Sunday night we had our usual family dinner at Mom and Dad's house to finish celebrating the birthday.  Yes, that is a Magic Bullet that Lyndy got as a gift.  I introduced her to "iced coffee drinks" last summer and it has been quite the obsession ever since, so Lyndy requested the blender so she can make her own now.  We gave her some boxes of decaf instant coffee and some chocolate syrup to go along with it...I'm sure my sister loves this gift!
So excited about the Magic Bullet!
Lyndy's sweet friend Maria gave her this pink chair, and Lyndy toted it over for Sunday night dinner for Frances to sit in during supper.

And what birthday weekend could be complete without a little family karaoke to Taylor Swift????

Happy Birthday, Lyndy!  Life sure would be boring without you- We love you!

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