Friday, December 23, 2011

Ready For Christmas!

Frances sure has been a little party animal, making the rounds at multiple Christmas parties over the last week.  Frances LOVES visiting with all her friends, and she seems to take particular interest in the boys- check her out with her boyfriends!
Playing with Miles at The Bell Center party.
Ethan and Frances in their matching Santa shirts:)
Frances and Charlie playing with their new toys.  We love this fish toy from Amy!
Everybody needs a friend like Charlie to share their cookies!
She had tubes placed in her ears last week, along with a sedated hearing test, and a check on her airway/esophagus.  Everything went very well and all test results came back clear!  As I said last week, she has been keeping us extra busy with doctor appointments, and that includes our trip for a nice barium enema today.  Who wouldn't want that for Christmas????  The test itself wasn't that bad, but the aftermath (that is still occurring) has been quite an adventure.  Ill spare you the gory details, but I will say its necessary to wear at least 2 diapers at a time right now.
Frances has discovered the joys of wrapping paper- who needs toys?!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures (and excuse the blurry ones from the iPhone) of all the fun Frances has been having this past week.  Will and I are so excited to be celebrating her first Christmas, and the first Christmas with all the cousins too!  Tonight we will have the McCalley Christmas, and on Sunday we get to head over for some triplet time.  We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.  We have certainly been blessed with the best gift ever!
Coloring fun....yes, her OT mother is proud!
Perfect Puzzle Preschool party- showing off her masterpiece.
Frances absolutely LOVES her teacher, Mrs. Mita. Don't know what we would do without her!
Playing with Eleanor at the YaYa pajama party.
This just makes my heart happy!

These two girls are going to be lifelong friends.

Getting some love from Aunt Jenny. Thank you, Eleanor for the hat! 
Meeting the newest members of the YaYa clan- Baby Michael and Baby Allie.

Playing with Lyndy and Kat.

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