Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day in the life....

Frances is doing great!  She is talking non-stop, moving around, taking a few steps with her walker, and starting to show a little bit of toddler attitude.  She is keeping us busy and it's hard to even keep track of all she is up to, so here is a little peak into what she's been doing lately.

After watching you may wonder if we ever actually get dressed and wear anything other than pjs...the answer....only if we have to!

You'll see this link on the blog for the next month or so, and it will take you to our fundraising page for Mercedes Marathon, which benefits Frances and all the children at The Bell Center.  So much of what Frances is doing is because of her awesome therapists at The Bell Center!  Please take a moment to visit our page and consider making a donation this this place that is so special to us!

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