Saturday, August 3, 2013

Frances Heart Day 2013

Frances Heart Day is an anniversary that we have decided to celebrate and it conveniently falls 6 months after her birthday. You see, she was born with a heart defect that would need surgical intervention. The idea was for her to get as big and strong as possible before the procedure. Her rate of growth began to plateau so we went ahead and had it performed at age 6 months.

Today marks two years since that procedure and we cannot stop celebrating how well she has done since then. Frances and Daddy decided to kick the day off at the Farmer's Market at Pepper Place. This was Frances first time to that event and it looks like we will be going to many more in the future. Among the dozens of people who commented on her New Balance shoes, we ran into a few friends and made some new ones.

Hi, Emily!

A new friend offered to take a picture of Emily, Frances and Daddy.

This girl LOVES music!

It started to get warm at Pepper Place so we took our morning workout to Brookwood Mall...

... and ran into some more friends.

Pictured here is a very cute, content Frances polishing off her Chik-Fil-A lunch.  The scene that follows after finishing her meal is not pleasant and is not worth photographing... until later.

Of all days, while Frances and Daddy spent the afternoon napping and relaxing at home, Momma ran into the nurse that took care of Frances while she was recovering from her heart surgery two years ago. Thank you again, Wayne!

After an afternoon of relaxing, our appetites were back up again for an evening with Aunt Amy, Meme and Grump at one of Frances' favorite restaurants, Mugshots.

Loving the cheerios appetizers.

My burger was GREAT!

Blowing out the candle on the cupcake.

Mommy teaching Frances to eat the icing and give the cake to Daddy.

This is the face I warned you about: The face that says 'the meal is over'. I think she gets it from me.

Walking off the meal. 

I can't believe the surgery was two years ago and it really couldn't have gone any better. I also know how fortunate my family is and I thank God for that every day.

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