Friday, May 23, 2014

Graduation Day!

The day that seemed so far way back in 2011 finally arrived on May 18, 2014.  Frances is now a Bell Center graduate....officially done.  I still can't quite figure out where those 3 years went, but holy moly, The Bell Center was a huge part of it!  Frances started at The Bell Center when she was a teeny tiny 4 week old peanut who weighed 6 lbs.  The support, knowledge, and love from The Bell Center staff is immeasurable.  They are friends and family to us, and we will forever be grateful.  And, for you Bell Center folks reading're not getting rid of us that easy.  We will be crashing your Wednesday lunch time often!

Frances and her best buddy Quinn (ok, so its her boyfriend).
These two are something else.  Frances LOVES Quinn!

Getting her diploma! 
Frances, class of 2014 and Kat, class of 2006. 
Ethan and Frances having a serious discussion over goldfish and cupcakes.
Meme and Grump!
Aunt Amy: world's best friend, godmother, and teacher!
Proud of our girl!

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