Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Circus Comes To Town

It's no joke- spend about 10 minutes at Meme and Grump's house with this crew and you'll see, it's fairly close to a circus. 
The girls spent last weekend in Birmingham and as always, we had a blast!  We hit up the zoo/splash pad and the park, did lots of swimming, and had picnics.  I continue to be amazed watching the triplets grow up into these 3 drastically different personalities.  Brooks will follow along and do many of the things Frances does.  Irene tends to be VERY nervous and cautious with everything.  Anna pretty much does her on thing and is quite a little diva. Frances and Brooks will eat anything you give them.  Irene and Anna, not so much.  We were sad to see them go home on Sunday...although Frances seemed pretty happy to have all the toys at Meme's house to herself on Monday :)
Story time with Uncle Will...this didn't last long.
Franny and Brooks riding the train at the zoo.
Fun at the zoo
Irene not so sure about the splash pad.
Frances and Brooks
Irene being brave on the slide.
Brooks and Meme
Anna, Uncle Will, Fran
Irene not so sure about the seesaw- however, she ended up loving it!
Possibly the best $30 spent at Target.  Grump may disagree.

Anna, likely about to do something mischievous. 
Kat and Frances

Tired and hungry after lots of swimming

Pizza picnic
Don't be fooled by their excitement.  Neither of them actually tasted the popsicle.

This is what happened when the mean Aunt AR touched the popsicle to her lips.
Brooks and Frances 
Semi-settling down watching Frozen (before Frances went to timeout for pushing Irene)
Kat is such a good older cousin- the little girls adore her!

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