Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This little gal is so in LOVE with her daddy!

Daddy and Frances
We spent the weekend at the lake with a group of old running buddies.  We appropriately call ourselves the "Lakeshore Lunatics."  This is the group Will and I were running with years ago....before we even starting dating.  We had such a fun weekend swimming, lounging, and of course eating....there was a short run thrown in there somewhere too.  Yours truly even broke out my old skills on the water skis (be thankful that didn't get caught on camera)!

Fun swimming with mama.
Frances enjoyed hanging out in the shade some too. 
The Lakeshore Lunatics

 And in other news, check out this big girl.....



  1. Hey Anna Ruth--I came across your blog through Facebook and so enjoyed reading all the way back to the beginning. Congratulations on Frances joining your family! How awesome that God picked you and Will to be her parents, and how awesome that you picked her to be your daughter. That's a very beautiful thing! I'll look forward to continuing to read...