Monday, June 27, 2011

Frances Goes To The Beach!

We have just returned from the beach with (most of) the family.  Frances had a blast!  We went with Meme and Grump, Sage and Jack, and Jack's brother Matthew.  The weather was great- just hot, so went spent a lot of time floating in the ocean.  We were SOOOOOO excited that Sage got to come with us....probably her last excursion before those 3 girls make their grand debut.  Next time we have a family beach trip, there will be lots of little ones!  Here are just a few of the pictures from the trip:

Just chilling out in the shade.

Sage + 3!

Matthew and Will having fun swimming

Lots of lounging on the couch with Sage! 

Captain Jack and  Grump setting out on our adventure.

Frances assisted Captain Jack with the navigation

Jack, Will, Grump, and Matthew

Time to swim

Frances loved napping on the boat....she's under there somewhere!

Sage gets some practice with bath time.

Frances loves Matthew!

Matthew gets (temporarily) inked!
One last swim!
The proud parents to be of 3!
Felt like a luxury hotel under the umbrella

PS....If you want to keep up with the Sage, Jack, and the girls (and you want to read some funny stuff), check out

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