Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Happy 4th of July Weekend

  We had such a fun and relaxing weekend....we have been traveling so much lately, it was really nice to not be packing and unpacking!  Most of the weekend was spent at Meme and Grump's doing a lot of this:
Frances loves her frog lovie- thanks JoJo!
  Frances spent the night with Meme and Grump Sunday night so Will and I could go out to Oak Mountain and do the annual Peavine Falls run....This was our first night away from her since the NICU and it was strange waking up without her in the house.  Of course, she was in great hands and we are so thankful to have Meme and Grump so close!....Back to Peavine, it's 4 miles straight up the mountain and 4 miles back down, with a little trail run at the end.  Each year I find myself wondering why I do it- its hard!  Any guesses on which McCalley crossed the finish line first (hint: I probably wouldn't be asking if it wasn't me)???

Several years ago, our family started calling July 4th "Meat-Fest" because of the obnoxious amounts of meat we would cook.  This year, it was only Meme, Grump, Will, and I but we still had enough food for a large crowd.  We missed everyone that couldn't be there.....of course Sage has a good excuse; no more traveling for her.  Don't forget to check out her updates here.

The rest of the day we cooked, napped, and played.  The thunder and rain kept us from the pool, so Frances resorted to a swim in the kitchen sink.  Poor Bella is terrified of her own shadow, and her worst nightmare came true with thunder and fireworks all in one day.  She was pretty heavily medicated and relaxed by the end of the night! 

So Daddy, who finished that run first this morning??? 

Frances can't wait to eat some bbq next year!

Frances tried to explain to Bella that there was nothing to be scared of. 
Grump manning the grill.

I am just the happiest baby ever!

We had a few less people at Meat-fest this year but we had a ton of great food!

 This week is full of doctor appointments for Frances- probably our last round before her surgery on August 3.  She has gotten SO big recently and I can't wait to see how much she weighs this week.  I'm pretty certain we have crossed the 10 lb marker!  Frances has officially outgrown all of her newborn size clothes, so they are boxed up and ready for those triplets.  We are traveling to MS to visit Sage and Jack this coming weekend, and I can't wait to help Sage do baby "stuff!"

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