Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Having Fun

Frances has been busy this last week playing with friends, and she even had some sleepovers with her cousins.  Kat and Lyndy LOVE Frances and are so sweet with her.  Lyndy is extra helpful and really likes to help make bottles and change diapers...and she really wants to know when she can start carrying Frances around.  Not yet:)  Kat enjoys reading books to Frances, and it is so much fun to watch Frances as she is captivated with all of their entertainment.

We had a swimming day last week.  Frances likes watching all the action and just hangs in her float.  Our friends Lydia, Amy, and Charlie came over to play too.  Charlie was so sweet sharing all the pool toys with Frances.
Lyndy gracefully leaping from the diving board
Charlie really wanted the ball....
He would have dove right out of his float to get it!
Charlie and Frances chillin in the pool
Sweet Charlie sharing his toys
Today we went to visit Grump and the lovely ladies at his office.  She was quite a hit (and for once I didn't have a camera on me!).
Frances and Grump swimming
Unfortunately Meme has to go back to work next week, but Frances has had such a fun summer with Meme while I have been working.  We are so thankful to have had the help!
Meme's first time holding Frances....she was so tiny!
Frances continues to grow and we are still working on fattening her up over the next two weeks- lots of eating and sleeping when we aren't playing.  Frances and I get to head out on a "girls only" beach trip at the end of the week- we are excited!
There's just nothing sweeter than this!

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