Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lots of Girls!

Frances and I had the most wonderful 4 days at the beach with all of our best friends.  The 5 of us met in graduate school and have been best friends ever since.  They were all bridesmaids in our wedding and I couldn't imagine a better group of gals to spend my time with.  What a change it was this year to have babies with us for the annual girls beach trip!

Small correction.....it technically wasn't an all girls trip because Magen is pregnant with twins - one girl and one boy!  She and Sage are due within a few weeks of each other which has been so much fun- 5 babies coming soon. 
All the mamas and babies!
We were at Cape San Blas, which is between Panama City and Apalachicola, and it is an awesome place to vacation.  Jenny's parents own a house down there and graciously give us time there each summer.  If you have never been to this part of Florida, you need to go!  Its a very relaxed and quiet place, with no high rise condos in sight.   

We did LOTS of playing and lounging on the sand.  Thank goodness we had tent set up on the beach so we could just camp out with all of our gear.  For the first time, Frances really got down and dirty in the sand, and sat with me in the edge of the water.  She really seemed to enjoy it!  Here are just a few of the 300+ pictures we took:
Eleanor loves the water
Had to practice some crawling on the beach
Ashley, me, Frances, Jenny (and Dora), Leslie, and Eleanor
Exploring the seaweed

Getting down and dirty in the sand...There is a baby under that hat!
Leslie had a great idea to make Frances a bumbo seat in the sand- it was perfect!
Best friends, and a little seaweed on the head.
Salt water tastes good!
We had a grand idea of bathing both girls at once....not such a great idea, there was water everywhere.
Eleanor is reading at a very young age
Pajama time and ready to play some card games.

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  1. Oh How I LOVE seeing these pictures!!! What a blessing to have those dear friendships! I love the picture of all the bright colored dresses!!! So glad you girls got some relaxation before this day!!!!
    We go to Navarre Beach some, it too has the peaceful beaches with no crowds! We will have to check out this place. We are headed to Seagrove on Sat!