Monday, November 14, 2011


I finally got my time in with the triplets and they are so wonderful!  I'm going to leave this post with few words because the pictures are the best part.  Anna, Irene, and Brooks are all doing great- they are steadily gaining weight and learning to eat.  Frances didn't get to meet her cousins yet, but she did try out most of their baby equipment over the weekend.  We will head back over next week and maybe one or two of them will be at home by then!  Enjoy the pictures.....
Sweet little Anna
Hello world!
I'm just a little happy to be holding Brooks!
Irene having lunch while Brooks naps with me.
Meme and Brooks
It takes skill to change a diaper like this!
Anna all stretched out
Anna having lunch
Anna waking up to check things out
Daddy and Irene
Nice afternoon nap time
Frances testing out didn't really think I would have a post without her picture, did you?!

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