Monday, November 21, 2011

Frances In Action

This post is full of all the fun things Frances has been doing lately.  You may notice a lot of eating....Frances has turned into quite the little piglet and we are really working on her learning to feed herself.

Frances and I are heading back over to Mississippi for the week, and I'm so excited to report that Irene and Brooks are both at home!!!  Little Anna will hopefully be following soon. She is working hard on eating and gaining weight.   Our family has so much to be thankful for as we celebrate Thanksgiving- we have 4 more members of the family than we did last year! 


Working hard (and having fun) at The Bell Center with Amy.

Learning to crawl with Andrea!
I love riding in the stroller.
Helping Grump decide what to order....the onion rings were tasty!
I am learning to hold my bottle.
Trying to get the puff in my mouth.
My first biscuit....
Loved the biscuit!
First time in the big-girl swing at the park, and I loved it!

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  1. Christopher and I love seeing sweet Francis movies! Fun! Sweet girl!