Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Birthday Marathon

A trip to the ER, lots of birthday celebrations, topped off with a marathon....that's what our week looked like!  We can't believe a year has gone by since Frances was born.  This year has been filled with the greatest experiences of our lives and each morning when we see Frances' smile, we are reminded of God's perfect plan.  Although birthday week didn't go quite as we had planned, it all ended up just right.  It was so special to be able to celebrate all week with our friends and families (of course we missed the Nichols clan). We can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us! 

So, the week started out with Frances getting sick and us going to the ER on the eve of her birthday.  Thank goodness we got to go back home that night- she has bronchiolitis and has had a rough week, but is starting to feel better now.  She had to miss her party at school, but we had lots of other celebrations to make up for it.  Cake seemed to be the one thing all week that made her perk up, and she seems to love icing (just like her mama!).  As you can see in the pictures, this girl is not scared to get dirty!
Bella was so sweet taking care of Frances.
We finished the weekend up with The Bell Center kid's run on Saturday and then the big marathon Sunday.  Will decided to be my cheerleader for the race, since he has been nursing an injury, and he did an awesome job!  Meme and Grump had Frances at the finish, and thanks to Grump's unmistakable whistle I was able to spot I decided to grab Frances and take her with me across the finish line.  This was by far the best I have ever felt running a marathon, and I know it was because I was running for Frances!

First cake of the week!
I think she likes it!
Another night of celebrating!

Birthday girls and more cake.

And the big party!

Here comes the cake!

Time to get cleaned up!

Frances' first race.

Finishing the marathon with mommy!


  1. That finish line photo is wonderful! Hope you'll frame it. Happy birthday to Frances!!!

  2. She looks so cute with the cake all over her! Happy Birthday, Frances!

  3. Perfect birthday, only wish we had been there!

  4. So precious! Love the cake and I love the face she makes with her hands in the air. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCES!!!