Monday, February 20, 2012

On The Mend

The past 2 weeks have been rough at the McCalley house, but we are finally in recovery mode.  After Frances' trip to the ER, being sick all week for her birthday, then the marathon, we thought we were headed for a restful week....but she had other ideas.  Poor Frances ended up with pneumonia and was really sick- thank goodness we never had to go back to the hospital though.  She is finally starting to act like herself and is sleeping and eating like a champ again- which makes us all happy!

A sick little Valentines love bug:(
Not something we see from Frances very often!

We spent many long nights doing this- thank goodness for Praise Baby on the iPhone!
We started the week off today with a visit from Christy, who is Frances' Early Intervention therapist that comes to the house.  We love her!  Frances had an awesome session, and was really showing off her sitting skills.  Christy brought us this cool table/tray for Frances to sit at and play, and Frances is loving it!

I love my new table!
Feeling so much better!
I'm getting really good at sitting up!
My all time favorite Frances pic- Valentines Day 2011! 

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