Monday, March 19, 2012

Houston, We Have Lift Off

This weekend, Frances decided she was ready to move.  It takes A LOT of hard work, grunting, and rest breaks, but she is really on the go now!  She has figured out how to commando crawl to get to what she wants, and every once in a while she is getting up on her hands and knees.  Just give her a piece of paper or a remote control and she gets ready to go! I took a look around the den this morning and realized many things will soon have to disappear.....Bella's food/water station is the first thing in view.  All shiny and right on Frances' eye level-  Sorry Bella, you are going to have to find a new dining location.  ***Disclaimer- please ignore the spit-up crusted hairdo***

We had another fun weekend of playing outside and going to the park.  We spent some time at Railroad Park- could not believe how hot it was in March!  Yesterday was Will's birthday and we had a fun day at church, relaxing at home, and having fun with friends last night at the Annual Meatloaf Cook-Off.  For those of you who know Will, a meatloaf party was all he needed for his birthday to be complete!  Looks like we are close to saying goodbye to bottles.  I have been trying to give Frances more drinks in her straw or sippy cup and she does great with it.....actually she would probably be totally fine if I just put the bottles up today, it's mommy that just keeps not doing it! 
Big girl with my cup!
I love swinging!
Worn out after a day at the park.
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  1. Her name is Francis! I love that! Have you found the children's books about Francis? (bread and jam for Francis is one that comes to mind) -- such a sweet little girl. -RMC <--- who stalked you via the Snodgrass blog

    1. We do have those books- they were some of my favorites when I was little!