Sunday, April 22, 2012

Picnickin' and Piano Playin'

Today after church we headed out to Railroad Park with a few friends for some Earth Day Picnic festivities.  There was a huge crowd there and the weather was beautiful (although really windy!).  Frances loves being outside and of course she loves anything that involves food.  Here are a few pictures from our outing:
Having fun with Mary Meadows, and enjoying a rice krispy treat!
Allergies and sunscreen = red puffy eyes
Ahhhh now this is the life!
Nana Sue was there too!
Will recently picked up a piano for us to have at the house.  Frances has always seemed to love music and she had fun trying out the piano for the first time last night.  Thank goodness we have a maestro in the family (that's you, Uncle Richard) who can teach her to play!
Testing out the new piano
Frances had a rough week following Easter, when she got hit with a nasty virus.  She is all better now, but she was feeling really lousy for about a week.  Being held and rocked was about the only thing that calmed her down.  So thankful that week is over and she is back to her old tricks:) 
This girl loves her Daddy!

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