Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Check out my new look!
 That's what Frances is doing these days- stylin' in her new glasses.  Well, that is, when we can actually get her to keep them on.  The eye Dr wants to try her in some glasses for the next 3 months to see if it helps with some eye crossing and other vision things that have been going on.  She is doing well with them so far- as long as we keep her hands busy! 


  1. Oh my goodness! How cute is she!"!

  2. Hello!
    Sorry, was just googling my website and blog when I ran across your blog. It seems we have some tags in common. Your daughter is such a sweetie in her new eyeglasses. Wanted to pass on to you a link to my blog. It's about the book I've written about my daughter Erinn "Nichol". I think you might find it interesting.
    Thanks so much for your time!
    T.B. Jackson-Williams