Sunday, July 15, 2012

Daddy / Daughter Date Weekend

Momma went to the beach for a long weekend with her girlfriends and they decided that they would all leave babies at home with their daddies. Anna Ruth has never been away from Frances this long but today's technology makes it a lot easier with video conferencing software, texts and picture texts. Anna Ruth has seen some of the pictures below BUT not all of them. When she gets home tonight, Daddy may be sleeping on the couch with Bella. So what did Daddy and Frances do since last Thursday night? Here is a pictorial diary:

Thursday July 12, 2012

Picked up Frances from school
Ate a quick supper

Played until bedtime

Friday July 13, 2012
Unbeknownst to me, Frances was taking a milk bath. I forgot to install the stopper on her cup. She was late for school and I was late for work.

Dropped off at school.

Picked up at school. *Not wearing the same outfit as this morning. Uh-oh!

Bath time!

Played "Where's Frances?"

Saturday July 14, 2012

Lounged in bed.

Went to Walmart. JIFF has a peanut butter chocolate concoction...

Frances Approves.

We went to Princeton Towers to visit Hannah. As you may remember, she was my parent's housekeeper beginning a month before I was born. I can't describe what it feels like to take Frances to visit the woman who took care of me so my parents could continue working when I was an infant. By the way, Hannah will be 95 years old on the 19th of this month.

Checked the mail.

Frances found the mirror in her toy box.

Had beef lo mein for dinner.

"Cletus! Put on your good overalls! This is suppose to be a fancy dinner!"

Sunday July 15, 2012
Bella decided to help Frances wake up.

I then decided it was time for a special breakfast with Daddy:

What is this?

So sad its all gone!

We missed Momma but are really excited for her to get back this afternoon!

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