Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diapers Diapers Everywhere

Frances is exhausted tonight after spending lots of time with the triplets lately.  We spent a few days over in MS with them and then Meme helped haul them all over to Birmingham for a few days.  Meme and I had all 4 babies overnight and we managed to get them all fed, bathed, and in pj's in under an hour- I was impressed!  It really is kind of like having quads around when Frances joins the crew because they are all close to the same size.  Meme and Grump have converted what used to be the "piano room" into the new playroom and it sure looked like a daycare most of the time! 
A little Praise Baby time before bed is always good!
Irene, Anna, Fran, Brooks
Will realizing he is extremely outnumbered here.
All the cousins having fun!
Brooks, Anna, Lyndy, Frances, Kat, Irene
Bubba Grump and the girls

Will supervising dinner time
Frances and Brooks have really become best friends and love talking to each other. 
Brooks and Frances playing
Bath time with cousins was really fun!
 Frances is really on the move and has gotten very fast at escaping into spots she shouldn't be....I think she is quickly teaching her cousins some of her tricks!  The triplets are SO much fun and Frances loves playing with them.  Kat and Lyndy came over to play some too, and they are such big helpers with the babies.  We were sad to see them leave today, it has been fun!  Here are a few more pictures from our week:
Irene- always happy to have a little something to eat:)
Bubba Grump and Anna
What? I'm not doing anything to her?
Meme tackling 4 babies at dinner time!
A visit to our favorite friend TJ at La Paz.
Meme with all her gals!
Lots of girls!!!

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  1. You are all adorable! I don't know how you do it all.