Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Genius

Really, she least in my mind the girl is just plain brilliant.  Every little thing she does each day amazes me and she is going through a stage right now where she is constantly discovering fun new things in the house and acting more like a little girl rather than a baby (I don't like that part so much).
Trying out my new toy....toes don't quite reach yet but that's ok!
Reading a book and ready for bed.
Watching Storage Wars with Daddy.
Her language seems to really be coming along and she is making lots of new exciting sounds.  The first really clear word we heard from her was "Amy," who is Frances' Godmother. Frances loves her Aunt Amy! Probably her favorite word is "hi" or "hey."  She also is saying "no no," "I go," "baby," and I've heard "mommy" a few times.   I don't think they all have meanings with them yet, but she loves to talk!  Also, she started trying to brush her hair when I hand her the hairbrush, and if I ask her where my nose is, she points to my mouth- every least she's consistent with the wrong answer:)  Can you tell I'm just a little bit proud of her?

We recently flipped some rooms in the house to make a playroom for Frances.  She has had the best time playing with all her new toys in the open space, and she especially loves her kitchen set (thank you Holley!).  We are heading over to Mississippi next weekend for some triplet action and to celebrate Sage's birthday- yay!!!

Love my new playroom!

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  1. Love the video of her talking! She is sure telling your something! Adorable!