Thursday, November 15, 2012

Catching Up

We have had a very busy two weeks, and all of the sudden it's time for did that happen?!  We spent a great weekend in Oxford celebrating Anna, Irene, and Brooks' first birthday.  Then Will and I went to the beach (and to run a race) while Frances went on a road trip the National Peanut Festival (thank you Amy & Lydia).  Tonight we celebrated Bubba Grump's 60th birthday and tomorrow I am flying to Chicago for a girls weekend with my sisters.  I am so excited!!!

Frances is doing great!  She continues to make constant progress and is showing us all kinds of new skills each day.  She is talking/signing constantly, pulling up to stand, and even starting to cruise a little bit.  She loves making animal sounds these days- she knows dog, cow, owl, bird, duck, and we are working on turkey.  Here are some pictures from the last few weeks....
Enjoying the fall weather
Playing with Daddy
Super Fran
Birthday party!
Future Picasso
Will, post 26.2 miles in Pensacola
Trying to escape
Happy Birthday, BG!

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