Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who's Going To Take Care of Daddy?

Today's blog was composed by Frances McCalley:

Mama went to Chicago to have fun with her sisters and left Daddy at home all alone. Who is going to take care of him?  I WILL!!

First, Daddy had to pick me up from school so I could keep an eye on him this weekend.

We had chicken and pasta for dinner and a bath afterwards. Nite nite!

Saturday morning, I made sure Daddy got his exercise by throwing my toys on the floor so he would have to pick them up...

... then I did it again.

I then took him out to breakfast for peanut butter pancakes and eggs.

I made sure he got his exercise by making him feed me.

Momma would have never thought of this on her own. Who took care of Daddy before me?

I then had Daddy take Momma's car to have it cleaned.

For lunch, I offered Daddy some cheerios and squeezable fruit. 

Then we got his car cleaned.

Since it was too dark in my playroom, I had Daddy install an overhead light onto the ceiling fan.

Bossing him around is hard work so I was famished by the time supper came around.

Daddy fell asleep last night so I really worked up and appetite watching Oregon and Kansas St. lose. Roll Tide. An appetite only pancakes would cure.

I knew Daddy would like this place.

Aunt Amy came to visit me while I sent Daddy to church. You see, I make Daddy go to church on Sundays because of all the words he uses on Saturdays while watching football.

Children, everywhere, remember. It's important for daddies to spend time with people his own age so I took mine to his boss' house for some socializing. Daddies like raw oysters, peel your own shrimp, cheese grits, sausage, hush puppies, and corn on the cob. Of course, I was more than happy to help him with is lunch. 

Well, its time for a quick nap and then I will take Daddy to the airport to help him pick up Momma. Y'all have a great week, a Happy Thanksgiving and Roll Tide for the Iron Bowl.

Peace Out,


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