Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun Being A Big Girl!

Life with Frances at age 2 is keeping us busy!  She is taking off in all directions with her development, and she is into everything.  She loves playing outside- especially swinging and trying to boss this big kids at the Tot Lot.  She is doing pretty well feeding herself with a spoon....and I'll admit she'd probably be even better if her mommy would let her do it more often:)  She continues to love to eat any food we give her.  Brussel sprouts is the one food she hasn't liked, and I can't really blame her for that one!

Frances continues to progress with her walking and she thinks its fun to walk holding our hands now too.  We do our "endurance" training when we go to the library and the gym- she walks from the parking lot to our destination (with a few stops to socialize, of course).  She is also getting pretty good at trying to stand up from my lap and she will stand for a second or two all by herself!  I would say talking and socializing are two of Frances' best skills.  She talks and signs for most things she wants/needs, and will attempt to imitate pretty much any word that you say to her.  We are working on getting her to put 2 words together now and she is doing really well with that too.  I know I'm a little biased, but I think she's pretty dang smart!
Play date with our friend Ethan
Reading at my new table!
Distance training at the gym
She is also being a very very typical 2 year old....we have had our share of good throw down fits lately. I'm learning a whole lot about what battles are worth fighting :) The fits are usually pretty short-lived, but it's made for a few interesting trips to Publix. Frances can be very opinionated about what she wants and is quick to tell us "No," and she will now turn her back to us and do a big "humph."  It's pretty cute (sometimes) and I'll admit it's hard not to laugh. Probably our biggest battle right now is standing up in the bathtub.  She knows she's not supposed to do it, and she LOVES the bath. Telling to sit or she has to get out has worked until last night she decided she was fine with getting out, which really wasn't ok because she hadn't actually gotten bathed yet.  Well that idea doesn't work anymore!  Frances is also really into hugging right now- and she's quick to ask for a "cuh" after she's been a little rotten.
Playing at the library
Sneaking (thru the doggie door) into the kitchen
Helping mommy with laundry
Frances and I had so much fun last week during Spring Break- I absolutely love getting to spend my days with her when I can. We went to our first "big kid" Story Time at the library and she loved it! We plan on doing a lot of that during the summer.  I am SO looking forward to having the summer off from work to play with my girl!
So much fun dancing at story time

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