Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in Oxford

Irene, Brooks, Anna, Frances
It was a most wonderful Easter weekend over in Mississippi with Meme, Grump, and the Nichols clan (although we missed the rest of the fam).  Frances is still worn out from all the playing she did with the triplets- it is pretty wild and busy when you have 4 munchkins in one house, and those girls played nonstop!
Frances showing a little attitude with Brooks
Entertained by the dogs in the backyard
4 wild girls in the tub!
Post-bath playtime
They were just a little hyped up!
Birthday dinner for Jack
Sweet Fran....we love Sage's porch and her swing!
On Sunday morning, we claimed the back row in the church with 6 adults and all 4 babies.  Amazingly no one had to make an exit during the service (not even Grump)!  We had a nice lunch at Sage's house after church, then had somewhat of an Easter Egg Hunt on the porch....I use the word "hunt" very loosely.  It is so much fun to watch Frances with her cousins; they sure are going to have some good times growing up together!
Checking out goodies from the Easter Bunny
Frances and Irene
Easter lunch

Fun hunting eggs!

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