Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Other McCalley

Someone recently mentioned to me that Bella has not appeared on the blog in far too long, so here is a post dedicated just to Bella.....Bella came to us via Sage and Jack, as a rescue pup all the way from Mississippi the summer before Will and I got married in 2008.

She is a mix breed of Pit Bull and Vizsla, and she really is the sweetest dog ever.  She has a fairly distinct "pit" face and a bark that terrifies people who come to our house.....however, she is terrified of thunder, mice, flies, falling leaves, doors shutting too loudly, people cheering during a football game, etc etc.  Bella spends her day on her couch in our living room (i.e., she's real lazy); you may notice a trend in pictures of her lounging or snuggled with blankets.  She will hang outside briefly a few times a day, but really she prefers to just sit inside where it is safe.  She loves riding in the car, and prefers the front seat or the floor.

Bella's just a big ole baby who needs A LOT of tlc.  She takes Prozac daily and wears a Thundershirt (don't know what that is? click here) during storms and when life just seems a little too overwhelming.

Bella and Frances are BFFs.  Bella really looks out for Frances, and likes to accompany us in the mornings when we go get Frances out of bed.  Likewise, when Frances hears Bella's collar jingling she starts calling "doggie woo woo."

We love this quirky and anxious dog!

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