Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another photo explosion

Because I've become quite the lame and lazy blogger, I'm just going to continue that for now and throw a million pictures at you.  This comes with my full intention of returning to regular postings soon!  Photos say it best's what we've been up to:

3 year old check-up, where someone was referred to as "chunky"
Ice cream date with Daddy
Playing with best friends, AG and Eleanor, at the park
Weekend trip to Oxford
Irene, Fran, Anna (crying over her ice cream), Brooksie
Sometimes it's really really hard to wake up in the morning!
Movie day with friends, watching "Frozen"
Started taking gymnastics classes!
Celebrating Daddy's birthday
Fun on the farm at my friend, Quinn's birthday party!

Fun at the park with Bella and Daddy
The triplets came to town!
Lunch date with Ethan
Another weekend trip to Oxford
Afternoon of fun at Camp McDowell
Going down the big big slide!
Loves to paint, loves to eat paint too.
This is the look of a rough rough rough day of being 3 years old
Sometimes we just eat ranch dressing for dinner.  And that's ok.

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