Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter: The Rest of the Story

By now, I'm pretty sure everyone I know (and don't know) has seen the sad sad picture of Frances and her chocolate bunny.  So you can now get the details of "Bunny-Gate" (thanks to Amy Fisher for giving it a name).  So, here's how it went down....really not as dramatic as the pictures make it out to be.  Amy gave Frances a HUGE chocolate bunny (because that's what awesome Godmothers do), which made me squirm for several reasons.  So I decided after some really really lovely toddler behavior after church/during brunch, it made perfect sense to go ahead and give the exhausted and moody drama queen the bunny.  She loved it- would have easily eaten it all in one sitting.  Then it happened.  Will made a comment about something, that Amy and I found to be HILARIOUS (it's not really blog friendly).  We started laughing, loud.  Frances gets a little sensitive when she's tired and in a mood, and thought we were laughing at her, thus hysterics followed.  Then we laughed even more, because as much as she was upset and crying, she wasn't about to lose her grip on the bunny.  As you will see below, it all ended well!

Our Easter week/weekend really was great with egg hunts, playing with friends, family dinner, and church. I have always loved holidays, but they are really becoming so more meaningful with Frances. I love getting to start our own family traditions, as well as continuing traditions that Will and I grew up with.
Easter Egg Hunt at school

Frances and her BBF at school, Janiece.  She really looks out for Frances, such a sweet friend!
Dying Easter eggs with MJ and Mommies dyed eggs and controlled chaos.
Proud of her egg, and really wanting to eat it. 

What???? There are treats in these eggs?!

Bunny-Gate 2014

It all started out good, excited to see what's in the box.
Wow, "knock-late"
Ears taste pretty good
What are you people laughing at? This is not funny at all!
Sweet, sensitive angel with hurt feelings.
....and she recovered pretty well. It was a happy ending!

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