Monday, March 28, 2011

Frances Goes On The Road

Frances, my mom (meme), and I took a girls trip over to Oxford, MS for the weekend to visit Aunt Sage and Uncle Jack.  We had such a fun trip, and Frances did great traveling.  She slept the entire way there, slept well in the pack-n-play at night, and slept most of the way home.  It was good practice for her beach trips coming up this summer.

Sage, Frances, and I (and Ginger!) stayed in bed until about 11 Saturday morning- it was awesome!  Then we took Frances out for some shopping around Oxford and went to out to eat that night.  Wish it could have been a longer trip, and by the looks of all the "stuff" we packed you would have thought we were staying for a month!

Bad camera angle...Please excuse they way Sage and I look here!  

Can't wait for our next visit back to Oxford- I guess next time we will take Daddy!

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