Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update and Fun Stuff!

We went for a check-up with the cardiologist this morning.  I was really glad to be going because I have been a little concerned about Frances' eating the past week.  Her weight gain is "ok"- not great but not bad either.  Frances is starting to show some of the signs of congestive heart failure-  all of which is expected, but there has always been that part of me that hoped we wouldn't see it.  She is showing some retraction in her chest when she breathes, her heart has enlarged some, and she is retaining some fluid in her lungs.  She will now be taking Lasix twice daily to help eliminate some of the fluid and hopefully help with her feeding too.  All that being said, overall Frances is doing great- we just have to deal with these things as they come.  

Frances had another play date with her best friend, Eleanor last Friday.  We went to lunch, shopped around, and "played" at the park.  How cute are these girls?!

Frances and Eleanor enjoying lunch. 
Best friends forever! 

We went back to Railroad Park over the weekend....it was so hot!  Carolyn and the girls met us down there to play and see our friend John do some drumming. 

Lyndy loves pushing Frances in the stroller. Will and Bella are up ahead.
Kat on the see-saw. 

Kat having fun in the swing. 

 We have Monday night dinner at my parents' house each week....here is a little glimpse into last night's post dinner entertainment.  Lyndy is quite the Hannah Montana fan these days and Will was a great sport for participating in the fun!

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