Thursday, March 3, 2011

What We've Been Doing Lately

Playtime with Daddy

 Thankfully no doctor visits this week!  Frances is doing great in all areas- her body temperature is no longer an issue and she eats well at each feeding (per my calculations, she is probably gaining 0.5 oz per day, but Im no math genius).  For the first two weeks Frances never really showed us she was hungry- we had to wake her up and make her eat, but she definitely lets us know now!  She is a wonderful sleeper so far (someone knock on wood quick!).  For the past 5-6 nights, Frances has slept from 10:30pm to 5am.  She is eating so much more during the daytime now and I think its because she is getting more restful sleep at night. 

Tummy time isn't so bad!
My preferred toys- giraffe and pumpkin rattle

So right now our days are filled with eating, sleeping, swinging, tummy time, playtime under the activity mat, and walking in the stroller.  Frances seems to really enjoy being outside and we are taking advantage of the weather by going on walks every day....y'all know it won't be too long before we have her in that jogging stroller!

On Tuesday, we had the home visit with our social worker for our home study (part of the adoption process).  Our social worker's name is also Frances is she has been wonderful to work with.  That visit was one of the last steps in the process- now we just have our final court date in May to finalize everything!

Visiting with Grump

Yesterday, we had our first trip to the park with our friends Charlie, Amy, and Lydia.  It was Charlie's first time to swing and he LOVED it!  Frances chose to sleep the whole time- she says she has plenty of time to enjoy the park later.

Charlie loving the swing!

Charlie and Frances at the park

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