Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Fun

My first "real" bath!

Frances is doing so well at home and seems to really be settling into a nice routine (and everyone knows I love routine!).  Her eating has picked up to where she is taking in about 75-100 more cc's each day than she was last week so I feel very confident we are moving in the right direction regarding weight gain.

Eleanor and Frances

Frances and Jack

 Frances has had quite a busy few days meeting new friends.  On Friday, her friend Eleanor came over to show off some of her baby tricks.  Eleanor's mom Leslie is one of my best friends, so these girls will be spend a lot of time together- including a girls beach trip this summer!  Our nieces Lyndy and Kay finally got to come see Frances and boy were they excited!  Frances got LOTS of love from the girls.  Lyndy loves to help with babies and Kat tested out most of Frances' books/toys.  Baby Jack came over today to see Frances....he was not too thrilled with being woken up to take pictures.  We had some visits from Will's family too-  we have lots and lots and cousins, aunts, and uncles around here.

Meeting Lyndy and Kat

Hope everyone has had a great weekend- we did!


  1. Well she is just stinking cute! We loved our playdate :)

  2. so good to be able to exercise my voyeur habits on your blog!!! I just love seeing your pictures and hearing all the updates! A cup of Joe, and a little bit o' Franny, what a great start to any day!!!