Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frances Just Can't Get Enough....

To my PT friends: I told Frances not to lay like that!

....Of this darn NICU.  Apparently these wonderful nurses are too sweet to Frances and she just doesn't want to leave!  We were pretty sure we would be coming home Wednesday because she has really stepped it up with feeding and her bilirubin/platelet levels were good today, then Frances decided to start dropping her temperature.  She sure is being a trouble maker and demanding attention:) It got down to where the Dr ordered her back into a warmer/isolette.  We can only get her out to feed, which is hard, but we know its for a good reason.  So we will be in the NICU for several more days- she has to stay on the warmer for a day or 2, then she has to hold her body temperature up on her own for a few days.  Slowly but surely we are going in the right direction, but we are ready to be home!

Home sweet home for a few days.


  1. Anna, So happy for you guys. She is beautiful and a wonderful blessing. I just know how wonderful you & Will will be.

  2. ok, here is the plan, when the nurses aren't looking, sneak her out, put her on your chest, then put on a down coat. (patagonia, not North face, just pesonal preference..) she will be warm and toasty before you know it. I can do this for you, may even be more successful noting the excess body fat that i am carrying!!!! Love ya'll, and Franny, get to warmin...

  3. Anna Ruth, she is precious. Everytime I see mention of her it makes me smile. What a fun journey you all have ahead of you!