Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mercedes Marathon 2011...and of course Frances!

The Clock Tower Gang showed up in full force this morning, blazing a trail through the streets of Birmingham to complete the race in loving memory of Sundeep.  Our "highlighter" yellow shirts could not be missed, and it was an incredible feeling to run that race knowing that Sundeep was smiling down on us the entire time.  Will pulled it together and ran the full marathon, and you can see for yourself how proud Frances is of her Daddy!

Frances has had another good day- still improving with body temperature and feeding.  Of course all the nurses in the NICU are in love with her.  How could you possibly resist this face?

We had some special visitors too- Aunt Sage and Betty!


  1. Anna Ruth, she is absolutely precious! Congrats to y'all!!!!

  2. what a blessing! what a beautiful family! congratulations!

  3. It was great to see you guys at the run, Will, sorry I scared you by jumping on your back! I was so excited to see you guys!


  4. sweet angel! can't wait to see her again