Friday, February 11, 2011

Slow & Steady

Well, we won't be going home tomorrow like we had hoped, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.  Frances was able to come off the bili-lights this morning and we will find out tomorrow morning if her levels have stayed where they need to.  Even under those lights, she had plenty of friends keeping her company.

Helloooooo in there Frances!
So it's primarily her body temperature and feeding that is keeping her in the NICU.  Her temps were borderline low today and her feeding was very very slow and lower quantities.  It was taking us over an hour to get a minimal feed of 30cc's in for most of the day.  However, when Aunt Sage and Uncle Jack went with us for the late feeding she sucked down 40cc's in about 7 minutes!  So hopefully she will continue that trend.  When we saw the Dr this afternoon, he said he really wants to see her have 2 days of consistent 40cc feedings before we leave.  As badly as we want her home, we would so much rather stay a little longer rather than go home worrying.

Congratulations to Will....changed his first diaper tonight!!!  He waited almost 43 years to ever change a diaper and he was a pro!

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