Saturday, August 13, 2011

Everything Really Is New

 We have entered unchartered Frances territory since we came home from the hospital.  So much so that I have even checked a few times to make sure we brought home the right baby!  Frances has turned into the bottomless pit- something that I never thought we would see.  In the past few days she has gone from eating 2-3 ounces per feeding to 6-7 ounces, and she actually really lets me know that she is hungry.  This has made me realize truely how fatigued she was before her surgery.  We knew her heart was working hard, but we have seen a miraculous difference in her.  We decided to start trying some baby food with her since her appetite was getting so strong.  I could lie and tell you the first trial was great, but it was a huge fail...I was determined to try it this night even though she was already being crabby:
That is not a bottle- what the &*% are you putting in my mouth???

However, the next morning, she took right to the cereal and she LOVES it!  She is really starting to get the hang of the spoon.  Tonight we tried some pears also and she is definitely a fan. 

Now this is tasty stuff!

 Frances has an incredible amount of energy during the day and is definitely back to her old playful self.  She doesn't have quite the strength and energy to return to turning flips, but that's not such a bad thing since we have to be careful about her being active on her tummy for a while; however, I see it coming so hopefully we won't have those restrictions too much longer!  Here is Frances playing with some of her toys.  It just makes my day to hear her sweet voice.

Finally, I thought it was time to pay a little attention to the big sister.  Bella has really enjoyed her extended stay at Meme and Grump's house (we really are planning on going back to our own house on Sunday).  She always makes sure Frances' blankets stay nice and warm. 


  1. What a wonderful update! That is such a happy development!

  2. Yay Frances!!! So happy to hear your great news of strength and appetite! I bet we will be seeing a huge growth spurt pretty soon!!!! I love, love, love, that little belly laugh when you play with your toys and mom and dad act like fools with the video camera!!!! Keep em smiling girl!!!!

  3. Wow! Her smile is infectious! I just watched and grinned :) So glad she is doing well.