Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girls Rule

We have just returned from a girls only trip over to Oxford for a big shower for Sage, Anna, Irene, and Brooks, and it was a great weekend!  We piled in the minivan Friday afternoon and could not wait to get to Oxford and see Sage's belly.  She isn't lying, its quite large....not in an "OMG that girl is huge" way....more so, she looks about like most gals do right before giving birth.  She looks absolutely beautiful to us!  She is 25 weeks tomorrow and those babies sure are making themselves at home in Sage's belly.  It's pretty comical to watch her describe where each baby is positioned.

 The baby shower was perfect.  There is a lot of love going around for all these girls!  Technically, Carolyn and I were hostesses, but we can't take a bit of credit for it.  Sage's friends did such an incredible job with the food and decorations.  I was in heaven with all the cake and candy!!!  Since Sage is on pretty strict bed rest, she was just laid out on a couch so the guests could come visit with her.  Worked out pretty well! 

The grandmothers, Meme and Honey
Great idea to display all the gifts since Sage couldn't sit and open them all herself.
Sage was strategically placed to hang out in arms reach of the candy
How good does Sage look???
All the girls minus Lyndy- no telling what she was up to!
The rest of the weekend was spent separating and (trying to) organize A TON of baby stuff.  As you can see in the pictures, they have a pretty good diaper stock already.  We all spent time laying on the couch and in the bed with Sage, and watching her attempt to get up every 5 minutes for yet another potty break.  We hated to leave today, but thankfully Sage has sweet Jack and her wonderful friends in Oxford until we return.  Will, Frances, and I already have our next trip on the calendar in a few weeks.
Lots of baby stuff- and this is only part of it!
Lounging on the air mattress
Cousins watching "Praise Baby."  There will be 6 cousins watching it soon!
In other news, Frances continues to amaze us with her recovery.  She is almost 4 weeks out of surgery and she is full of personality and energy.  The pictures don't lie- she really is getting some chubby little cheeks!
Frances loves snuggling with Sage (and the triplets).  See you again soon!

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  1. I love the pictures of Francis looking in the mirror! The faces she makes are great. I loved meeting you Ann Ruth, and Francis and hope to see you again the next time you are in Oxford