Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Little Superstar

First of all, Will and I want to thank all of you who have been checking up on us and for all the prayers- the prayers are definitely being felt.  It is so comforting to know we are surrounded by friends and family who care so much.

Just to sum up most of Will's postings.....Frances has done great so far, and we expect that trend to continue.  Yesterday was a long and scary day for us, but she came through the surgery just fine.  I knew it was going to be hard to hand her off to the surgical team yesterday morning, but it literally broke my heart to let go of her.  Frances was a lot stronger than Mommy and Daddy were!

The actual repair went just as expected, and Dr. Kirklin is very pleased with her progress so far.  She came off the ventilator around 10am this morning and it was soooooooo good to get her in my arms.  There are lots of tubes, wires, and iv's, but hopefully those will start to disappear soon (we did get rid of two of the chest tubes this morning!).  Frances is being so well taken care of- those nurses in the CICU are awesome!  The main thing they are watching right now is the drainage out of some of the remaining chest tubes.  Please pray that the drainage will continue to slow down (it seemed to be slowing some when we left this evening). 

Frances got to eat a little bit this afternoon and she seemed to be acting hungry when we left a little while ago- we are ready to see some fat rolls on that girl!  So tomorrow we will do more of the same, which means I will park it in a rocking chair and hold her all day.  Its wonderful!  Here are some pictures from that past few days.....

A little sad after getting her IV:(
Just hanging out with mommy the night before surgery
It doesn't get much better than this!
Field trip to get an x-ray
We love Aunt Amy!
A visit and hug from Angel
Last shot of the belly
Frances telling mommy that it's all going to be fine- I can't wait to see this smile again soon!
Finally getting to love on her
Kisses from Daddy!

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  1. so so sweet!!!! Thank you for the updates!!! Thoughts and Prayers for the whole fam!!! She looks great!